Garage Doors With Or Without Windows: Which Is Better?

May 11th at 5:23pm

Black paneled garage doors with windows on two-car residential garage

So it’s time for a new garage door, but there’s too much choice! With windows. Without windows. What should you go for? What are the benefits of a door with a window? And do they outweigh the benefits of having a door with no window?

Ultimately, the choice is yours. There are arguments for both sides of this particular coin. And as your Littleton garage door sales experts, we’ve decided to help you out. Below we’ve outlined the pros and cons of having a door with windows, to help you make up your mind.

And don’t forget – once you have made your mind up – we’re on hand for all your garage door installation needs, too!

The Benefits

The thing about garage doors with windows is that, for us, they ooze style. But there's much more to it than just aesthetics. Here are the top three benefits that you'll get if you do opt for a garage door with windows.

More Choice

One of the key benefits of having a garage door with a window is the amount of choice you get.

These types of doors are generally customizable, which means you will have a wide range of options when it comes to the look and feel of your overhead door.

You can have one row of windows, or two. You could have colored glass, or plain. And you can even change the shape of your windows – they don't have to be square!

You can also match your windows to the ones you have in your home, should you so desire, which we know is a popular choice with many Littleton homeowners.

Curb Appeal

To be quite honest about it, garage doors with windows in look really cool.

So much so, we know they genuinely increase the curb appeal of your home, and in turn can have a positive effect on the value.

So if you're wanting to impress the neighbors, ask your local garage door sales team for their window options!

The Light

We’ve saved the best bit ‘til last, here!

Anyone who has spent any period of time inside a room with no windows will no doubt be aware of how it makes you feel – it’s not very nice!

There is no substitute for natural light and a garage door with a window in will give you exactly that. If you’re spending a great deal of time in there, we’d strongly recommend it.

There are also financial benefits to having natural light. If the sun is lighting up your garage, you won’t need to turn your artificial lights on, and you’ll save on those energy bills!

The Drawbacks

Ok, so we’ve established the benefits of a garage door installation WITH a window in. But what are the negatives? Here we go…

Security Loss

For all the benefits that come with having natural light in a room, there is unfortunately a bit of a security risk when you have a garage door with windows.

Firstly, having a window in your door means that prospective thieves can take a look inside and scope out your belongings. If you’ve got a nice car in there, or maybe some expensive equipment, they will be able to see. Given most crime is opportunistic, this could cause a problem.

Beyond that, as we all know, glass can be broken fairly easily! So, should a criminal want to get inside your garage, it is potentially easier for them.

There’s also a risk that a falling tree or flying debris in a storm can smash your glass, which in turn can allow the weather, or criminals, to get inside.

The Expense

We simply can’t get away from, or ignore, this one. As your local, Littleton garage door sales experts, it’s only right we are open and honest about the price of garage doors with windows.

And the truth is – they are generally more expensive than standard options!

Even standard glass panels will add cost to your door, compared to an installation without windows. And this price will go even higher if you opt for more specialist options.

So if you are wanting to keep the neighbors out with frosted or tinted windows, or you want multiple panels, you can expect the price to ramp up further.

However, it’s worth noting that such a door may well drive up the value of your home. It could, in the end, be a garage door installation investment worth making.

No Privacy

As much as it can be great to have natural light coming into your garage, there is another obvious downside – people will be able to see what you’re doing in there!

And we're not so much talking about criminals now, as we are neighbors. If yours are a little on the nosey side, and you really don't want them watching you do your laundry every weekend, then maybe windows aren't for you.

One option here, though, could be frosted or mirrored glass panels. Modern technology, eh?

Decision Time

As Littleton’s premier garage door sales and garage door installation experts, we feel obliged to tell you that we are here for all your overhead door needs.

Not only can we help you pick out a brand new garage door – and help with the decision around windows – but our experts can install it for you too.

Get in touch today – we’d love to help!

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